Corporate Social Responsibility

Delivering healthcare solutions that reduce complexity, drive efficiency and improve patient wellbeing.

ValiRx recognise the obligation to behave as a responsible corporate citizen and believe that by doing so we will minimise business risk and enhance our reputation.

The Board recognises the potential benefits of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the competitiveness of ValiRx and encourages a culture of continuous improvement in CSR-related issues. We have set specific policies that cover key aspects of CSR and strive to operate at the highest level of integrity.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility represents our commitment to economic and social development that will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of our team members, local and global communities, and stakeholders at large while advancing the quality of our company through engagement in the world around us.

At ValiRx, Our Board of Directors recognise that good corporate governance is essential to running a successful company, and they are committed to ensuring that high standards are maintained to solidly underpin the management of our business affairs.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Vision
The overriding goals and objective of CSR encapsulate our higher mission.

Core Values
Our values of respect, trust, passion, innovation and continuous improvement all call for and are enhanced by a focus on the nonfinancial aspects of our business.

What is it about
Our vision is to create, develop and deliver innovative healthcare solutions and services that help reduce complexity, drive efficiency and improve the overall patient wellbeing.

What are we doing about it
We continually refine our vision and people strategy for the future of our business and the markets we serve. Reporting is an essential tool for tracking and communicating progress against our commitments. It will help us advance our vision and demonstrate our efforts to innovate in the industry.