Valirx aims to make a structural change in science, namely to engineer a scientific breakthrough into human health and wellbeing, through early detection of disease and therapeutic intervention. Research shows that there is a high demand for new personalised medicines and services that enhance patient care, achieve faster diagnoses, and substantially improve treatment outcomes cost effective manner.

Valirx is a growing company with a clear business model. We reduce risk in new product development through a rigorous clinical and commercial due diligence process, selecting drug candidates and technologies with evidence-based potential to address the unmet needs of the market. We aim to maximise returns to shareholders by adding value at the earlier stages where value increases per investment unit are the greatest.

The Valirx management team is a mixture of entrepreneurial scientists and business professionals, all with experience in developing medical life science companies. The team is also experienced at transferring technologies and products into the commercial arena to generate revenue and grow shareholder value.