Investor Relations


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Investor Relations

Valirx aims to deliver high returns by applying its scientific, management and entrepreneurial expertise to projects in which it has equity and rights. These projects tend to have low acquisition and manageable development costs, but have the potential to significantly increase in value prior to their crystalisation.

We are building a portfolio of innovative products through strategic investment into areas relating to the treatment and diagnosis of cancer and other inflammatory diseases; we also specialise in inherited genetic disorders and work regularly with companies offering technologies complementary to our own.

The diversity and number of projects we undertake ensures we spread our investment risk, whilst our business model seeks to minimise the level of financial exposure associated with research and development. The bulk of project costs are borne by our respective academic partners in return for a royalty payment or, in the case of a commercial partner, an exclusive licensing agreement from which Valirx derives revenue in the form of milestone and royalty payments.