Our Business Divisions

Our Business Divisions

We operate through the following divisional companies:

ValiPharma is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing personalised medicines to bring more advanced therapeutic options for the treatment of cancer. For many years the Company has progressively exploited its proprietary epigenomic technology, which has led to the discovery of promising therapeutics that may in clinical trials prove effective in combating cancer safely and more effectively than currently used chemotherapeutics, which act indiscriminately, attacking the whole body and causing irreparable damage to normal cellular processes.

Currently, ValiPharma has a lead drug candidate, VAL201, in a Phase I/II clinical trial for two indications – androgen independent prostate cancer and hormone refractory prostate cancer. Review of the pre-clinical data obtained with VAL201 has also revealed a third indication, which has been named VAL301.  VAL301 is currently in pre-clinical development, for the major gynecological condition, Endometriosis.

ValiSeek is ValiRx’s joint venture company with Tangent Re-profiling Limited, which was formed in 2014 to progress the drug VAL401 through its remaining preclinical development and towards Phase II trials for the treatment of lung cancer and other oncology indications.  VAL401 is a reformulated drug with an established safety record derived from clinical studies and years of use in other medical areas. VAL401 entered the clinic having demonstrated encouraging pre-clinical data as far as lung and pancreatic tumours are concerned.  ValiRx subsidiary, ValiSeek, is conducting the clinical trial of VAL401 in Tbilisi, Georgia in a Phase IIB trial on subjects with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.  The Company has recently completed the recruitment of patients and is pleased to report that data processing and analysis are underway with the trial expected to complete by year-end 2017.

ValiRx (Finland) specialist competency lies in epigenomics, a rapidly advancing field that enables pairing a prognostic and/or predictive biomarker with a targeted drug. This is a key part of personalised medicine, particularly in cancer patients. The Company is developing, and validating functional biomarkers with high specificity and sensitivity. These are diagnostic markers of inhibition of signalling pathways, which are target sites for novel drugs to treat cancer, and predictive markers of disease progression.