Epigenomics is a rapidly advancing field and pairing a prognostic and/or predictive biomarker diagnostic with a targeted drug is emerging as a key part of personalised medicine, particularly in cancer patients. This platform provides the opportunity of developing rich information for developmental research and diagnostic toolkits for specific cancer screening, therapeutic regime design and monitoring. The technology will also be marketed to large pharmaceutical companies for the screening of pipeline drugs and to accelerate clinical trials (improved responder selection).

ValiFinn is developing an in-house portfolio of therapeutic and imaging products and provides consultancy services relating to the Pharma and Biotech sectors in the areas of preclinical development and formulation including project management. In addition the activities include due diligence, business planning support including opportunity recognition, market assessment and marketing plan development, alongside the following:

  • Disease specific biomarker profiles.
  • Proprietary disease profile database for licensing.
  • Biomarker microarray’s for cell line/ tissue sample/disease analysis.
  • Disease specific diagnostics for therapeutic regime decision/monitoring.
  • Various clinical status testing kits.
  • OTC testing kits.
  • IP for licening in cancer diagnostics and companion diagnostics.

Information on ValiFinn:- Please visit http://www.valifinn.com for all the current clinical biomarker and diagnostic services offered.