ValiFinn Overview

ValiFinn benefits from the favourable environment and framework conditions for health, drug, and diagnostics research in the Nordic region. Together with other Nordic countries, Finland has achieved a strong position in Europe in the provision of scientific and clinical research as well as analytical and diagnostic technologies, evidenced by the number of clinical trials and research collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, academic centres, government and biotechnology companies currently in progress. This has resulted from the high quality science within R&D service providers like ValiFinn, their rapid adoption of a new thinking, namely reclassifying diseases at the molecular level, and taking a lead in conducting clinical research for personalised medicine.

ValiFinn’s research team members have a reputation for expertise and excellence in the field of molecular and cell biology, acquired over many years in industry and academic health sciences centres. They are strongly supported with robust analytical tools to meet the challenges in the development of personalised medicine. This structure provides the backbone of ValiFinn’s high quality product and service offering in preclinical and clinical pharmacogenomic projects.

ValiFinn’s specialist competency lies in epigenomics, a rapidly advancing field that enables pairing a prognostic and/or predictive biomarker with a targeted drug. This is a key part of personalised medicine, particularly in cancer patients.

The Company is actively discovering, developing, and validating functional biomarkers with high specificity and sensitivity from its 5 families of patents and patent applications and related intellectual property. These are diagnostic markers of inhibition of signalling pathways, which are target sites for novel drugs to treat cancer, and predictive markers of disease progression to enhance:

  • Probability of trial success by identifying patient sub-groups most likely to respond to treatment and improving patient safety;
  • Optimisation of dose and schedule;
  • Early detection of tumour responses for proof of concept trials;
  • Understanding of variances in patient responses to treatment;
  • Development of rationally-based combination therapies; and
  • Selection of surrogate endpoints for disease monitoring.

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