ValiSeek Overview

Lead Candidate: VAL401

VAL401 is the reformulation of a clinical drug to enable use in the treatment of cancer. Preclinical data indicate potential use of the reformulated drug in lung, pancreatic, breast and prostate cancers.

Lung cancer has been identified as the most promising lead indication both scientifically and commercially. Many subsets of lung cancer patients currently have a high unmet medical need.

During prior clinical use, the active drug has been safely administered long term (chronic use of over 2 year duration) with good compliance reflecting the acceptable side effect profile.

As complete oral formulation, VAL401 will provide a potential cancer treatment with a good safety profile, with a clear route to market supported scientifically by the extensive history of the drug’s use, yet protected commercially by the detail of the reformulation.


ValiSeek CEO, Dr Suzanne Dilly Biography:

ValiSeek CEO Dr Suzanne Dilly is an experienced entrepreneurial scientist. Trained in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry at Loughborough University she moved to the University of Warwick as a postdoctoral researcher in a multi-disciplinary team allowing acquisition of additional expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry. This led to the spin-out of a2sp Limited to commercialise the proprietary Magic Tag technology developed as a direct result of Dr Dilly’s research.

The Magic Tag technology was transferred to Tangent Reprofiling Limited (part of the SEEK group, The lead candidate VAL401 has now been placed in ValiSeek via a Joint Venture Agreement between ValiRx plc and Tangent and a concurrent IP licence between Tangent and ValiSeek.