Collaborative Pipeline

Developing a risk-balanced portfolio

ValiRx Subsidiaries

ValiRx is a parent company to a growing portfolio of subsidiaries. The structure and purpose of each is unique and optimised per project.

We incubate preclinical projects in-house until they are placed in the SPV subsidiaries, ready for partnership. Read more about our approach to preclinical and clinical development alongside how to partner with ValiRx here.

View our current subsidiaries and the progress of their associated assets below.

ValiSeek Limited

ValiSeek Limited is an early example of our SPV model. 

ValiSeek is ValiRx's Joint Venture Company, formed with Tangent Reprofiling Limited (a SEEK group company) in 2014 with the purpose of rapidly progressing VAL401 through development. ValiRx currently holds 55% of ValiSeek.

VAL401 is in development for Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and has now successfully completed a pilot Phase 2 clinical trial and ValiSeek is seeking external partners to continue clinical development. Read more about VAL401, its published research and patents here.

Cytolytix Limited

Triple negative breast cancer accounts for around 15% of breast cancers. It is usually more aggressive, harder to treat, and more likely to recur than many other cancers. Due to these factors, new research into potential treatments is crucial.

Cytolytix is a partially-owned ValiRx subsidiary, which signed an IP license agreement with King's College London that has been established to progress the triple negative breast cancer project, CLX001, through preclinical development to a stage of readiness for clinical trials. Read more about Cytolytix, and its progress here.

The move to establish Cytolytix marked our first full in-licensing of a new asset and as such, we have released a new case study which details its development, history and a note from Professor Martin Ulmschneider, the project's lead.

CLX001 is now at the pre-clinical stage in the drug development process and we're looking forward to providing updates as it progresses further. View the CLX001 within the pipeline here.