Strategy and Vision

ValiRx accelerates the translation of innovative science into impactful medicines

We identify, incubate and accelerate innovations that focus on the needs of those who matter most – patients. With a sense of urgency and determination, we select molecules with the highest potential to improve patient lives throughout treatment.

Our therapeutic focus prioritises cancer, related conditions and women’s health. The pipeline is enriched by robust partnerships with academia and industry, fuelled by our intellectual and financial resources.

We develop treatments derived from diverse and disruptive innovations that have the potential to progress rapidly upstream and deliver value to all of our stakeholders. Our model and industry expertise enable us to accelerate the translation of promising new drug candidates to early clinical studies. Strategic partnering to co-develop and fund later stage clinical trials, allows ValiRx to continue to build a risk-balanced pipeline of novel projects.

Find – Focus –Transform – Grow

Find – We identify and select innovations which fit our therapeutic interests, expertise and strategic model.

Focus – We devote intellectual and financial resources to deliver a risk balanced pipeline of projects that are investor and industry ready.

Transform – Starting with the end in mind, we collaborate with world-leading innovators to enhance and accelerate the translation of great science into effective treatments.

Grow – Our strategy includes building a portfolio of independent entities with a common support framework and a shared vision. Dynamic joint ventures and end-focused partnerships will progress each entity to commercialisation and deliver maximum value.