Our Pipeline

Product development portfolio

Our priority areas of therapeutic focus are cancer and women’s health. We select only the most promising pre-clinical projects for progression through the drug development process, to become ready for clinical trials.

Developing with the end-point in mind

Our development process for each molecule is specifically structured to minimise risk and maximise the chances of successful clinical development and approval for clinical use.

"We rapidly progress candidates to clinic-ready status; with regulatory opinions, regulatory standard experimental results and the clinical trial designed to deliver success"

Suzanne Dilly, CEO

Discovery Optimisation Pre-clinical Phase 1 Phase 2 VAL201 VAL301 VAL401 BC201

Business Structure

ValiRx accelerates scientific development and prepares the business infrastructure to present each SPV project as partnership ready.

With the necessary scientific and commercial preparation, projects are launched as a ValiRx Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), presenting an opportunity for external funding and investment from partners, to continue progression into clinical development.

When the SPV is fledged and has independent financing, ValiRx will continue to provide all support necessary to deliver success. The income received from this is re-invested into the next generation of ValiRx preclinical projects. SPVs are valuable commercial entities, each positioned to strategically exit from ValiRx when the time is right.

For information about collaborations and partnerships please view our Partnering page.