Inaphaea BioLabs

The translational Contract Research Organisation (tCRO™)

Inaphaea BioLabs is a new pharmaceutical services company, based in Nottingham (UK), offering cell-based assays specialising in oncology and women's health.  Our aim is to improve the translation of early drug discovery projects towards the clinic. Driven by a desire to generate deeper biological understanding of drug candidates in discovery and preclinical phases of development, Inaphaea will provide testing services that generate the necessary data, analysis and insights to aid decision making in translational drug development.

Spun out from ValiRx in 2023 as a wholly owned subsidiary, the core team within Inaphaea have a strong background of preclinical and clinical drug development, and of understanding both the commercial and scientific needs of the service users from both sides of the table.

Initial services will be focussing on cancer cell activity; allowing the study of drug candidates in a range of cell lines to consider the activity, toxicity and mechanism of test molecules.  Further techniques and technologies will be added to the portfolio, with new capabilities fully validated on our in-house projects before being offered to external users.

Please see for further information and contact to register your interest in discussing our services.

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