Evaluation Pipeline

Our current projects currently under evaluation

Evaluation Pipeline

Prior to in-licensing projects, ValiRx conducts a rigorous scientific and commercial evaluation of the project in question as part of our evaluation pipeline process. This period tends to be around 6-12 months, which gives ValiRx the right to assess whether the project is a good fit for the ValiRx pipeline. If the Evaluation proves to be a success, a full license will be executed to license the project into a dedicated ValiRx subsidiary.

The scientific assessment typically consists of a range of cell-based assays to understand and demonstrate the mechanism of action of the lead drug candidate, and to assess the disease area of the highest potential. The projects currently under evaluation are detailed below.

ProjectOriginatorDiseaseMoleculeDate Evaluation Agreement Started
2022.1University of Barcelona (Spain)Uterine and Pancreatic CancersPeptidomimetic KRAS binder10 February 2022
2023.1University of Barcelona (Spain)Cancer (various)KRAS (2)6 June 2023
2023.2StingRay Bio Limited  (UK)CancerSmall Molecule9 November 2023
2024.1University of DundeeCancerPro-senescence Small Molecule12 February 2024
2024.2Imperial College LondonOvarian CancerSmall Molecule Dual Kinase Inhibitor20 March 2024

Once the Evaluation is complete, a negotiation period is entered to set up the subsidiary and executed the license, after which the project is promoted to our in-house pipeline. Once we receive updates regarding manufacturing, product developments and formulation developments within the evaluation pipeline, we update our shareholders and this webpage accordingly.

For more information about potential collaborations and partnerships, view our partnering page.