Evaluation Pipeline

Evaluation Pipeline:

Prior to in-licensing projects, ValiRx conducts a rigorous scientific and commercial evaluation on the project.  This 6-12 month period provides ValiRx with the right to assess whether the project is a good fit for the ValiRx pipeline.  If the Evaluation is a success, a full license will be executed to license the project into a dedicated ValiRx subsidiary.

The scientific assessment typically consists of a range of cell based assays to understand and demonstrate the mechanism of action of the lead drug candidate; and to assess the disease area of highest potential.

The projects currently under evaluation are detailed below.





Date Evaluation Agreement Started



Hokkaido University (Japan)

Endometrial, Pancreatic, Bile duct Cancers


16 December 2021

2022.1 University of Barcelona (Spain) Uterine and Pancreatic Cancers Peptidomimetic KRAS binder

10 February 2022

Once the Evaluation is complete a negotiation period is entered to set up the subsidiary and executed the license, after which the project is promoted to our in-house pipeline.