How We Work

Connected Innovation

We collaborate with innovators, experts and service providers to realise the true potential of the assets we develop. Using our scientific and commercial experience we progress early stage projects to clinic-ready and partnership-ready status.

ValiRx is a drug development company, which focuses on the translation of scientific innovation into clinical candidates for cancer, related conditions and women’s health. Our specialised business model connects science, finance and commerce to accelerate early-stage drug development.

Our adaptable business model also gives us the flexibility to consider projects in other indications with high unmet medical needs.

We connect diverse disciplines across scientific, technical and commercial domains, with the promise of achieving a more streamlined, less costly, drug development process. 

Delivering excellence in drug development

Each project is managed by an independent team with the right expertise and resources to deliver the optimal development pathway for each drug candidate. Key development activities are outsourced to carefully selected service providers which have the necessary skills and capabilities to deliver the highest quality outcomes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The ValiRx team has decades of experience in drug development and efficiently coordinating the activities of collaborators to accelerate development.

Opportunity in the making

ValiRx targets projects with early partnering potential and we encourage the original innovators to maintain participation in the development process.

We engage with potential industry partners and investors at an early stage and at the right time, seek to establish Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), typically a ValiRx subsidiary, jointly owned by the interested parties.

The SPVs fund and manage clinical trials and are expected to create substantial value for ValiRx and its partners through future commercial deals, such as out-licensing or sale.

The ValiRx core team provides ongoing corporate support to the SPVs, including scientific advisory, project management, accounting, IT, and related services.

The fees ValiRx receives for corporate services cover operational costs and allow the company to continue to build and grow the development pipeline.