Cytolytix Limited

The Cytolytix project

Cytolytix is a partially-owned ValiRx subsidiary, which signed an IP license agreement with King's College London that has been established to progress the triple negative breast cancer project, CLX001, through preclinical development to a stage of readiness for clinical trials.

Triple negative breast cancer accounts for 15% of breast cancers. It is more aggressive, harder to treat and more likely to recur than many other cancer forms. This is why new research for potential cancer treatments is crucial.

CLX001 is a peptide in a nanoparticle formulation that has initially been developed for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer, with the potential for disease expansion into ovarian and other difficult-to-treat solid tumour cancers.  CLX001 is designed for the precision destruction of cancer cells to avoid excessive side effects. The novel mechanism of action allows for broad application across various cancers as it targets the tumour environment and does not require specific cell markers or specific gene mutations for activity.

Professor Martin Ulmschneider: A new anticancer peptide nanotherapeutic

In this presentation recorded for BRR Media, King's College chemistry Professor Martin Ulmschneider, inventor and developer of Cytolytix CLX001 explains the peptide's efficacy, its targeting mechanism and performance figures. Watch the video below, or click here to watch.

The Cytolytix story so far

Since our announcement of Cytolytix in 2022, the project has seen significant progress. That's why we've released our case study, which focuses on key developments throughout the Cytolytix journey, including:

Peptide development

How Cytolytix was a 'classic discovery', as Martin explains how remarkable the peptide is in comparison to every other variation.

Licensing agreement

How the data obtained through testing propelled the project to commercialisation.

How Cytolytix came to be

The step-by-step process of how King's College London and ValiRx's partnership came to fruition.

How Martin Ulmschneider works with ValiRx

Discover Martin and ValiRx CEO Dr Suzanne Dilly's insights regarding commercialisation and collaboration for both parties.

To find out where Cytolytix’s journey began, and how ValiRx has taken this early stage, highly promising peptide through negotiation and evaluation, to the point where it is now ready for preclinical evaluation, read our case study here.

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