Strategic partnering to optimise development and minimise risk

Our approach to preclinical and clinical development

Identifying and adopting innovation is at the core of our strategy. We identify, incubate and accelerate innovations in cancer and women’s health, that have the highest potential to improve the lives of patients throughout treatment. We ensure all development programmes are optimised and delivered efficiently and effectively by working with external partners to supplement our expertise before preclinical and clinical drug development. Only through collaboration with our external partners can we achieve our vision.


  • We have expertise in the preclinical and clinical development of drug candidates, especially in small molecules in the areas of cancer and diseases associated with women's health.
  • We have experience in partnering projects with other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and bringing projects to the attention of private investors.
  • We have a flexible corporate structure, allowing Special Purpose Vehicle companies (SPVs) to be created for relevant projects and ensuring partners and investors operate within an effective framework for efficient delivery.
  • We provide tailored support to each project, including corporate support and structure, scientific skills and financial backing.


  • We maintain a flexible and efficient core team and draw upon a wealth of varied experience through our network of consultants and advisors.
  • We prefer to collaborate early to ensure that projects are developed with the end point in mind and align patients, partners and investors' expectations throughout the development journey.
  • Our clinical trial experience ensures that early-stage development is both appropriate and efficient for project progression.
  • Our business model gives us the flexibility to support the development of each drug candidate with a tailored framework specifically designed to progress each project efficiently and effectively.

We work with a range of external partners to ensure the right expertise is incorporated into the design and delivery of studies at the right time, minimising risk and optimising outcomes.

In-licensing interests span from lead optimisation to early clinical development. Sources of innovation include academic and research institutions and early-stage companies that would benefit from our approach to ‘connected innovation', science, finance and commerce.

Our focus is cancer and women’s health, with a preference for innovation that improves the lives of patients throughout treatment. Keep up to date with our current projects at ValiRx by viewing our project pipeline.

For innovators interested in working with ValiRx we invite you to send a non-confidential summary of your project to Dr Suzanne Dilly:

Clinical stage partners who are interested in collaborating on the clinical development of an asset in the ValiRx pipeline should contact Dr Suzanne Dilly on: