Drug Development Acceleration

Identifying, incubating and accelerating biomedical innovation

About ValiRx

ValiRx is a drug development company, which focuses on the translation of scientific innovation into clinical candidates for cancer, related conditions and women’s health. Our specialised business model connects science, finance and commerce to accelerate early-stage drug development. 

We identify proprietary and novel drug candidates with the potential to improve patient lives, providing the expertise and investment required for optimised development and value creation.

ValiRx has been operating since 2000 and listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange in October 2006, trading under the ticker symbol: VAL.

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Drug development pipeline

The Company has an expanding pipeline of pre-clinical and clinical assets. As well as accelerating the development of the existing product portfolio, ValiRx is creating a pipeline of reduced risk, early stage compounds for further development and partnering. Our portfolio includes the following:


VAL201 is our small molecule peptide, with a primary indication for prostate cancer with potential for further research and development in Breast and Ovarian cancer. View the pipeline here.


VAL301 is the small molecule peptide, with a primary indication for Endometriosis. View the pipeline for VAL301 here.


VAL401 is the small molecule, re-formulation and re-purposing of generic risperidone, an anti-psychotic. Its primary indication is for Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. View the pipeline here.


BC201 is the small molecule peptide combination treatment, VAL201 repurposed for anti-inflammatory use in combination with complementary generic components. Its primary indication is for SARS-CoV2 infection and a potential treatment for Sepsis. Read more about BC201's pipeline here.


CLX001 is held within ValiRx subsidiary company Cytolytix Limited, licensed from King's College London. The peptide's mechanism of action is for the formation of membrane pores, with an indication for triple-negative breast cancer. View the pipeline here.

Find out more about Cytolytix here.

Special Purpose Vehicle companies

ValiRx is a parent company to a growing portfolio of Special Purpose Vehicle companies (SPVs). The structure and purpose of each is unique and optimised per project.

ValiSeek is an early example of the SPV structure:

ValiSeek is ValiRx's Joint Venture Company, formed with Tangent Reprofiling Limited (a SEEK group company) in 2014 with the purpose of progressing VAL401 through the pilot Phase 2 clinical trial. ValiRx currently holds 55% of ValiSeek.

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