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Inaphaea BioLabs and Agility Life Sciences team up

14 Aug 2023


Inaphaea BioLabs, ValiRx's wholly owned subsidiary, has entered into a collaborative services agreement with Agility Life Sciences to provide a single point of contact for customers to formulate and test their drug candidates.

The agreement recognises the synergy between Inaphaea’s growing capabilities as a translational contract research organisation (tCRO®) and Agility Life Sciences' expertise in pre-formulation and formulation development, as an award-winning Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO).

Under the agreement, service users of Inaphaea will be able to benefit from Agility’s capabilities in a single service contract with Inaphaea and similarly, service users of Agility will be able to access Inaphaea’s capabilities through its service contract with Agility.

Dr Suzy Dilly, CEO of Inaphaea’s parent company, ValiRx, says: “We have appreciated the skills and creativity displayed by Agility during the two projects we have run with them, so we’re delighted to be able to offer these capabilities to our service users, as well as to continue using these capabilities for our in-house programmes.

"In a comparative manner to our collaborative services agreement with Physiomics announced in April 2023, this new arrangement with Agility further expands the Inaphaea service capability. This agreement is very much reciprocal, and we expect to be able to offer our services to Agility customers just as much as offering their services to ours.”

Professor Claire Thompson, CEO at Agility Life Sciences, adds: “We are really excited about entering into this collaborative service agreement with Inaphaea. This will enable our clients to take the next steps in their development programmes by testing their prototype formulations in the Inaphaea cell-based studies. We believe this will be beneficial to both companies as well as to our clients, creating a more comprehensive scientific environment, and accelerating development timelines.”

For further information about the pre-formulation and formulation development services, click here.