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Meet the ValiRx team: Dr Kevin Cox

18 Jan 2023


Having joined ValiRx as non-executive director in June 2020, Dr Kevin Cox has been helping to guide the company’s recent growth and development through providing his strategic input, support, and expertise.

In the first instalment of our ‘meet the team’ series, we sit down with Kevin to discuss his career to date, his role at ValiRx, and why he loves working with the ValiRx team.

Could you describe your career background?

I have worked in the life sciences industry for more than 25 years. Serving as CEO of high growth biotechnology businesses, largely in the pharma services sector. I have extensive experience in strategy, corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and joint ventures.

I am passionate about improving translational science, so have developed strong links across the government, funding bodies and academia, as well as contributing to several public sector advisory committees.

What does your role at ValiRx involve?

My role at ValiRx is very much centered around ensuring we have a clarity of purpose and that we are doing what is best for the company and our shareholders when making key decisions. I am responsible for ensuring the Board is operating effectively and is structured in the right way, as well as bringing an external industry perspective to help inform ValiRx’s overall strategy.

Through offering my independent oversight and creative contribution, I have worked with the team to explore ways to evolve ValiRx’s strategy away from clinical development to focus on collaborative preclinical development, with the aim of improving the translation of academic science. I’ve also helped to design the tCRO proposition so that it adds maximum value and is unique and appealing to the market. Since then, it’s been about mapping out the implementation of the strategy, and advising on the best way to position the company to raise funds and recruit the right people.

How do you support ValiRx CEO Dr Suzy Dilly in her role?

I support Suzy and the wider team to help achieve their objectives by providing a critical ear. Having been in Suzy’s shoes as a CEO and managing director of biotechnology businesses in the past, I understand what it’s like to be sat at her side of the table, and can draw on my experiences (and scars!) to help address the challenges and opportunities of managing a growing business.

I have brought my experience from the pharma services sector to jointly strategize with Suzy on the tCRO concept and act as a sounding board for ideas, as well as getting involved more directly in activities such as commercial negotiations.

What is it like working with the ValiRx team?

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with ValiRx and support the business to evolve, develop, and grow.

Over the last year, we have built the team significantly and added new sets of knowledge and expertise. I have learned extensively from each team member and collectively, we have all contributed to the development of the new strategy. With plans for more recruitment in the pipeline, the team’s skillsets and capabilities are set to expand even further.

Led by Suzy, with her broad-ranging knowledge of the science, the commercial world, and raising capital, I believe that ValiRx is heading in a highly promising direction. I am delighted to be on this journey with the ValiRx team.

To learn more about ValiRx’s board of directors and management team, click here.

Kevin Cox