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Meet the ValiRx team: Kumar Nawani

3 May 2023


Kumar Nawani heads up operations at ValiRx and is a longstanding and integral member of the team. In this blog, we find out more about Kumar’s career experience and background, his role at ValiRx, and what he has most enjoyed about his journey with the company far.

What is your career background?

I have over 20 years of experience across a range of business areas, spanning international trade, client and vendor management, business development, brand development, e-commerce, procurement, IT management and compliance.

Prior to ValiRx, I worked in business and operational roles at established public and private companies, including Elem Trading Enterprises, CNET Direct, and Eurodata Systems.

I began working with the ValiRx Group mid 2007, initially providing a range of services in IT, marketing, e-commerce and procurement on a consultancy basis when the business was still in the very early stages. As ValiRx began to grow, I joined the company full-time and have been in operational roles ever since with a variety of responsibilities, from setting up new divisions of the company to putting technical infrastructures in place.

What does your role at ValiRx involve?

As with any operational role, I wear multiple hats, but my main areas of focus and expertise are IT security, business compliance and processes which include technical aspects such as management of core server systems, cybersecurity and secure data storage, and domain and web content management systems. I also support ValiRx in maintaining IP and legal aspects of the business alongside the Board of Directors and management.

Following the recent launch of ValiRx’s subsidiary Inaphaea BioLabs, I have been supporting the team and management with procurement requirements and maintaining web domain services, including the setting up of secure cloud systems and putting key processes in place.

How does your varied career experience assist you in your current role?

Having worked in both Hong Kong and the UK, I have formed strong relationships with technical vendors and business suppliers, as well as built my expertise in data security and data management. Security of data is crucial for research companies like ValiRx, with a lot of background work involved in auditing and protecting the clinical data generated by our programmes.

My experience in supporting laboratory facilities with business, IT, and operational matters has come from supporting past ValiRx subsidiaries. It’s all about being as proactive and helpful as possible as we work to put strong foundations in place and get Inaphaea off the ground.

What have you most enjoyed about your journey with ValiRx so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities and challenges that my role at ValiRx has presented me with. Working in a close-knit, collaborative team, I can play a key role in growing the business and seeing new assets through from inception to delivery, as well as providing support by focusing key skills across a diverse range of areas.

This is an exciting time for ValiRx, and I am proud to be part of such a driven and committed team.

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Kumar Nawani