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ValiRx appoints permanent Chief Scientific Officer

31 Jan 2023


ValiRx is pleased to announce the permanent appointment of Dr Cathy Tralau-Stewart as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

Chief Scientific Officer

Cathy was appointed as ValiRx’s interim CSO last year under a consultancy arrangement. She has now agreed to become CSO on a permanent basis, and will focus on developing a risk-balanced, collaborative, preclinical pipeline. She will also support the company strategically through membership of the executive team and as a Board observer.

ValiRx CEO, Dr Suzy Dilly, said: “Working with Cathy in the capacity as interim CSO over the past few months has demonstrated the value of the role and that her expertise is an excellent fit for the challenges that ValiRx faces, so I am delighted to be able to confirm that she’s agreed to convert to a permanent role. Her knowledge of early-stage drug development and extensive contacts in the industry will enhance our ability to identify and translate science into effective treatments.”

Cathy Tralau-Stewart added: “ValiRx is progressing an innovative portfolio of projects to address the important areas of oncology and the unmet need in the women's health space. I have enjoyed working with the ValiRx team and am excited to accept a permanent role and to be part of building its future. The development of the tCRO is an important step forward and will fill the need for robust and reliable validated translational models in these areas."

Dr Cathy Tralau-Stewart