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Question and Answer Videocast

26 Jan 2023

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Question and Answer Videocast Hosted by BRR Media, held on Thursday 26 January 2023.

In this question and answer videocast, we're joined by ValiRx CEO Dr Suzanne Dilly, Non-Executive Director Stella Panu, and Non-Executive Chairman Kevin Cox.

Question and answer videocast key takeaways

Suzanne, Kevin and Stella were asked a number of questions during the session. Here are a few of the highlights:

ValiRx's progress

We explained the progress made by ValiRx over the past three years, including the expansion of the ValiRx board, the rejuvenation of our strategy and the development of ValiRx's assets.

Finding success with the new laboratory

We talk about what profit would mean for the lab, shareholders and the team.

Click the link below to watch the latest question and videocast, where you will be able to watch all the questions and answers for key topics, including the ValiRx strategy, VAL201 and much more.

ValiRx - Q&A Session