Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Discovery Optimisation Pre-clinical Phase 1 Phase 2

CLX001 is held within ValiRx subsidiary company Cytolytix Limited.

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CLX001 Cytolytix Ltd

Peptide, New Chemical Entity (NCE);


Mechanism of Action: Formation of membrane pores;


Primary Indication: Triple Negative Breast Cancer;


Follow-up Indications: Other hard to treat cancers, including Ovarian Cancer;


Licensed from: Kings College London;


Published research: "Integrated Design of a Membrane-Lytic Peptide-Based Intravenous Nanotherapeutic Suppresses Triple-Negative Breast Cancer" Chen, C. H., Liu, Y. H., Eskandari, A., Ghimire, J., Lin, L. C., Fang, Z. S., Wimley, W. C., Ulmschneider, J. P., Suntharalingam, K., Hu, C. M. J. & Ulmschneider, M. B., (2022), Advanced Science. 9, 13 2105506. DOIs:

Review: "Development of membrane-active peptide therapeutics in oncology" Chen, C. H., Zan, B., Ulmschneider, J. P., Wimley, W. C., Lu, T. K. Ulmschneider, M. B., Zhou, L. (2023) Journal of Peptide Science DOIs:

Patents: PCT patent family applications: WO 2021/069913; WO 2022/074402