For Prostate cancer with potential for further research and development in Breast and Ovarian cancer

Discovery Optimisation Pre-clinical Phase 1 Phase 2

Small molecule, peptide, New Chemical Entity (NCE);

Mechanism of action: Inhibition of androgen activation of SRC kinase

Primary Indication: Prostate cancer;

Follow-up Indications: Other hormone associated solid tumours such as Breast and Ovarian cancer

Licensed from: Cancer Research Technology (CRT) a part of CRUK

Published research: Inhibition of the SH3 domain-mediated binding of Src to the androgen receptor and its effect on tumor growth. Migliaccio A, Varricchio L, De Falco A, Castoria G, Arra C, Yamaguchi H, Ciociola A, Lombardi M, Di Stasio R, Barbieri A, Baldi A, Barone MV, Appella E, Auricchio F (2007) Oncogene. 2007 Oct 11;26(46):6619-29.

Patents: PCT patent family applications WO/2008/113770; WO/2014/177868.

Granted and allowed patents: AU2008228274; EP2139917; JP5998161; JP6456922; JP6545122; JP6689430; US9919023; US10400008; further patents pending.