Shareholder communications

We welcome questions from our shareholders, as well as individuals considering becoming shareholders, and are committed to communicating transparently to ensure a clear understanding of the business.

Please email your queries to You will receive an acknowledgement of your question, and a commitment to address your question in the periodic answers sessions.  

ValiRx commits to answering questions in a clear, concise and factual manner. Where a question cannot be answered due to regulatory or commercial sensitivity reasons, the question will still be reported, with the reason for no answer being provided.

Your identity and contact details will remain private, and will be treated in accordance with our Data Protection policies.

Communications Update

We are changing the way we supply shareholders with the Annual Report in 2021.  Please look for a card in the post and return promptly (within 28 days) if you wish to continue to receive a hard copy of the Annual Report.  The report will be available to download from our website for those opting to receive electronic-only reports.

Investor Webcast

ValiRx held webcast for investors on Tuesday, 8 December 2020 at 2pm GMT.  A recording of the webcast is now available on demand following the link below:

ValiRx Webcast December 2020

This webcast replaces the usual monthly Q&A publication for November.