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ValiRx news roundup: August 2023

1 Sep 2023


This roundup features our news, updates, and highlights from August. It has been another busy month for our subsidiary company Inaphaea BioLabs, as it welcomes new faces and partnerships in preparation for the highly anticipated lab launch event on 26 September.

To discuss any of our updates, please contact ValiRx CEO Dr Suzy Dilly who will be happy to help.

Building Inaphaea BioLabs

The Inaphaea team, headed up by ValiRx’s Preclinical Project Manager Zai Ahmad, has been busy setting up the new laboratory at MediCity Nottingham. After acquiring the scientific assets from Imagen Therapeutics, the team had just three weeks to arrange the lab move and transfer all the equipment from Manchester to Nottingham.

The move included pre-planning the lab layout, selling and donating any equipment that was not required, and unpacking countless cardboard boxes.

Zai was on hand to ensure that all equipment was optimised for the company’s work and used in the most efficient and effective way, following the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.

Find out more about the move here.

Dr Gareth Griffiths joins Inaphaea

Our subsidiary company Inaphaea BioLabs has welcomed Dr Gareth Griffiths as Scientific Consultant in its Scientific Advisory Support team.

Gareth has proven expertise at every level of developing a company and will continue his work building complex, well-defined models for use in client projects.

With his PhD in Immunology and Oncology as well as his in-depth knowledge of the models in the Imagen biobank, Gareth will be an invaluable member of the Inaphaea team.

Learn more about Gareth here.

Inaphaea partners with Agility Life Sciences

ValiRx subsidiary Inaphaea has entered into a collaborative service agreement with Agility Life Sciences in order to provide a single point of contact for customers to formulate and test their drug candidates.

Under the agreement, service users of Inaphaea will be able to benefit from Agility’s capabilities in a single service contract with Inaphaea and similarly, service users of Agility will be able to access Inaphaea’s capabilities through its service contract with Agility.

Read more about the partnership here.

Meet the Scientific Advisory Board

We sat down with the ValiRx Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to find out more about the team, their reasons for joining the SAB, and the trends they are currently seeing in biomedical research.

The SAB is led by Chief Scientific Officer Dr Cathy Tralau-Stewart and meets quarterly to review current projects, identify industry trends, and consult with the wider ValiRx team.

Find out more about members of the ValiRx SAB here.

Keynote speakers announced for Inaphaea lab launch

The Inaphaea lab launch is fast approaching, and we were delighted to announce the event’s keynote speakers. The event, supported by BioNow, will allow guests to gain insights from thought leaders in the industry as well as provide them with the opportunity to network and tour the Inaphaea facilities.

Talks from members of the Inaphaea and BioNow team will take place as well as showcases from a range of growing life science companies including HistologiX, Inspiralis, VenomTech, and Agility Life Sciences. 

The lab launch will take place on 26 September, find out more and register here.

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